Branding / Illustration

Trapecista is our studio's official logo, the project scope included a total re-design and brand developing.

Branding pieces for Trapecista include logo variations, characters, on screen applications and tailored options to be used as avatars for social networks.

The core idea depicts a brand that represents tradition in combination to modern characteristics as well as a great sense of flexibility

Accordingly we took back the original concept behind the studio's name Trapecista (the spanish word for Trapeze Artist), created three main characters in various positions featuring the look and feeling inspired in Victorian and Arts and Crafts design striving to reinforce the traditional concept.

In contrast, the use of a bright on screen colour (RGB = 0,255,255) stresses a more contemporary side of the studio

The choice for typeface is Brandon, an elegant sans serif that resembles a classic Futura but subtly modified with modern touches